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Do You Want To Grow Your Small Business?

A business that needs to attract more qualified leads.
A staff that is stressed out & needs help with day-to-day marketing.
Anyone who needs a kick-in-the-pants to start a social media program.

Monthly Training & Support Program
You decide on the goals.  We create the strategy & training. Your team does the work

This program consists of monthly strategic marketing-focused sessions. It is designed for the highly committed and dedicated entrepreneur or business that is ready to take charge of their social media programs and create and execute on a strategy.

Training Process:
Week One: Set Objective/Goals using Video/Webinar/Training Materials
Week Two: Q&A on Implementation
Week Three: Q&A and continued Critique and Implementation
Week Four: Review, Revise and Plan for next Objectives

Meeting Frequency: Four times throughout the month (with 3 mo min) then month-to-month

Meeting Length: 60 minutes

Meeting Location: Phone or Zoom Online Webinar & Meeting

  • DATES: Starts on the First Business Day of Each Month
  • DURATION: 1 Month/4 Weeks/4 Sessions
  • LOCATION: Webinar/Online Meeting/Conf Call
  • PRICE: Individual Business Program $500 per mo. Groups $397 per month
How Will This Program Help?

Objectives and Topics Include:

  • Develop content based on customer needs, fears, and questions
  • Technical set-up & design of targeted social media platforms
  • Develop a simple, targeted marketing strategy for inbound leads
  • Branded Page profile management and maintenance
  • Incorporate a clear, consistent brand image
  • Content creation, scheduled posting, and engagement
  • Monitor and measure the effectiveness of a social media strategy
  • Use of video and other information content tools

Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about training with us:

  • Maria was invaluable to us in creating posts and content that resonated with families coming into our area. My only regret is that I didn't have her come in sooner thinking that what we were posting was sufficient. I highly recommend her as a trainer and consultant for any program that is looking to reach new parents in their community.
    - Gina Tzizik - Director, Soule Center
  • “After months of webinar training on topics like "Using Canva," "The Perfect Post," and "Hosting Events with Social Media"—my head was spinning. But you know what? Everything she said was true, and she held our hands and got us through the difficult journey of walking into the present. ”
    - Laura DeRamus - Owner,
    Canada Goose Gallery
  • “Since this was all new to us, we were naturally feeling a little overwhelmed at the prospect of social media in general. Maria helped us set up different Facebook accounts at each school and educated the directors on how to use these accounts for our purposes, which was to provide parent education and continue to be a community resource for many families.”
    - Robin Shapiro - Executive Director,
    The Leap Schools

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  • Goals and Objectives Outline will be Submitted Prior To Training

    Before starting, you will determine your current marketing goals so that a social media strategy can be outlined for your organization.  You will have access to prerecorded webinars on various social media topics to assist with your training.  Social Media Strategy is based on four basic principles: Goals, Networks, Content, and Metrics
  • Week 1

    Set Objective/Goals for Month (Video/Webinar/Training Materials) 

    Each month there will be a written agenda and objective to help you streamline and improve your marketing strategy. A Training Video with Homework Materials will be delivered to your inbox for week one.
  • Week 2

    Q&A on Current Training. Critique and Implementation of Networks

    We will have a conference call with pre-submitted questions by participants to review the current month objectives.  Your posts and homework will be reviewed in advance, and if you agree, we will use current work to do group critque and assessment.
  • Week 3

    Q&A on Current Training. Critique and Implementation on Content

    This is a continuation of the process in Week 2. We will have a conference call with pre-submitted questions by participants to review the current month objectives-via analyitics of any platforms.  Your posts and homework will be reviewed in advance, and if you agree, we will use current work to do group critque and assessment.
  • Week 4

    Review Analytitics, Revise, and Plan for Next Objectives

    At this point I review posts, calendars, and challenges for the group.  Specific To Do's are given to complete and then we plan out our next months objectives, assign homework and begin again.

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